3 Tips To Understand Generation Z

Young people always seem to be hopping on new trends faster than you can keep up with them. Thanks to the internet, information now spreads unfathomably quickly, allowing young people to create new trends constantly. Here are three types of trends that are constantly evolving among young people.

Generation Z

1. Drugs

Drugs like marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco have only become more popular as they become legal and more people realize how fun they can be. You have likely heard about some ways that people partake in these activities, such as vaping. Vaping is typically used as another way to use tobacco, but it has a more pleasant taste and smell because the smoke is turned into flavored vapor. There is also a lot of paraphernalia related to vaping and other activities, some examples of which can be found on smokingthings.com if you are interested in learning more.

2. Social Media

Social media is likely the primary example of how disconnected older generations are from younger generations. Older generations still use some social media platforms, but the way they use these platforms is fundamentally different. Young people generally tend to understand the most effective ways to use social media platforms, and they know how to jump around between platforms and use them just as effectively. Some social media sites, such as Twitter and YouTube, are established in the framework of the internet and are here to stay for a while. Others, such as Vine and TikTok, are more volatile and might be gone before you know it.

3. Slang

Every generation has its slang. No matter how much you try to deny it, your generation also had words that your parents did not understand. However, this generation has more slang than normal because of how many subcultures the internet has created and how quickly the internet moves. Internet slang changes almost daily, so there is no guide that can properly lead you through it because it will be outdated within weeks. The best way to learn to properly use internet slang is by immersing yourself in it and seeing other people use it in context.

In the end, there is no way that you will truly be able to understand the internal workings of younger generations. They have grown up in a totally different time than you and have a totally different view of the world. If you can learn to accept that, then you will be happier in the long run.