3 Office Upgrades To Boost Workplace Productivity

Unproductive workplaces are costing the US economy over $300 billion each year. Reports show that 18% of Americans are actively disengaged at work, with another 52% not engaged.

Much of this problem has to do with current office structure and culture.

Office culture
According to the Families and Work Institute 26% of Americans feel stressed and overworked, which comes at no surprise considering that Americans work the most hours out of all advanced economies across the world. In fact, each year, the average American worker logs 135 and 370 more working hours than their French and German counterparts, respectively. That’s roughly two weeks’ to a month’s worth more of working hours. No wonder we’re so tired and disengaged!
How can we solve this problem?
Scientists all over the world are gaining more and more interest in workplace productivity. World-class companies like Google, Unilever, and Procter and Gamble devote a good amount of their time, money, and resources in search of a formula or, at least, a guide for workplace success.
Here are 3 ways you can make your office a more engaging and productive place.

1. Get Creative With Coworking

Coworking is arguably the most significant shift in workplace thinking in the last decade. Unlike the traditional office setup closed off by cubicles and isolated spaces, coworking spaces encourage collaboration and creative thinking by providing an open environment where people can interact and share ideas.

Research shows that coworking leads to a variety of benefits including better office relationships, increased productivity, and less employee turnover. It’s no wonder more and more coworking spaces are popping up in cities all over the world.

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2. Focus On Quality Work Instead Of Quantity Work

Great work isn’t about the number of hours you log; instead, it’s about how much you can do with the time you’re given.

Modern workplaces are placing greater emphasis on productivity rather than man hours. The thinking behind this is simple: anyone can log ten, even twelve, hours a day but not everyone can create valuable and meaningful work. Besides, working long hours has been proven to diminish employee productivity, health, and happiness over the long run.

Ditch the clock for a more savvy approach to work. Outsource clerical tasks like data processing, scheduling, and email management and invest in office automation software. That way, your employees can focus on the work that really matters (i.e. jobs that require complex thinking).

If you are a data-driven company, you should also use platforms like ververica.com, which allows you to access data insights quickly, saving plenty of resources in the process.

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Collision space

3. Create Collision Spaces

The idea behind collision spaces is uncannily simple: create more opportunities for people to bump into each other. But why?
Studies by Harvard Business Review report that workplaces with more “collisions” (read: chance interactions) experienced greater productivity, increased creativity, and better sales. Why? Because when people bump into each other, ideas are shared.
You’ll be surprised that things as simple as installing a communal coffee machine or lengthening the lunch break can result in profound changes within the workplace.
Office productivity isn’t as mysterious or elusive as you might think. There are a number of tried and tested ways–like those mentioned above–that can improve your team’s productivity and create a more creative and more vibrant office environment.