3 Inbound Marketing Techniques That Will Change the Way You Approach Promoting Your Business

Inbound marketing is not easy. It can be hard when you’re just new and starting out. There are hundreds of ways to drive inbound traffic to your site.

You can write a blog post every day on your site. You can self-publish a series of e-books. You can take advantage of social media. But, not all of these methods are effective in the beginning.

Not to mention, the marketing trends change as much as the SEO rules do. This means it can be harder to get on top and stay on top of your game. Inbound marketing is imperative to your business. Here are some ways you can incorporate the elements of inbound marketing without overwhelming yourself.

Inbound marketing strategy

Add a Signup Form to Your Blog

The most important tip for starting a blog is to get email subscribers even if you don’t have any blog posts up yet. Adding a short subscription signup form to your blog and at the end of your blog posts can help you get your visitor’s contact information. Once you have their information, you can build a relationship with them until they are ready to buy.

You want to strike the iron while it’s hot. If your blog is getting visitors, you want to get their interest and keep them around. Don’t ask for more information than you need. If it’s just a short subscription form, just ask for their first name and email address. If they are downloading a freebie, add a few more questions such as their job title and location.

Try Your Hand at Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the king of content marketing and inbound marketing. It’s the next best way to get new leads fast. New blogs are being started every day. There are millions of blog posts being published daily.

Tackle guest blogging when you’re starting a new blog and you have no readers whatsoever. When you guest post on industry and expert sites, you attract that traffic back to your blog. You should consider blogging for other sites as much as you do for your own site. It’s the quickest way to get your blog off the ground.


Learn the New Way to Write SEO Content

If you’re familiar with SEO, then you’re aware of the changes that have taken place in the past few years. You need to learn about the new way to write SEO content thanks to Google. Inbound marketing is about determining who your buyer is, which is an essential part of writing high-quality SEO content.

You need to come up with eye-catching headlines and relevant topics that align with your chosen buyer. You need to create content that’s fresh and makes a lasting impact. With this strategy in mind, you can increase organic back to your website and win over new consumers.


As you can see, there are so many ways to attract new people to see your site. Some of these strategies can be overwhelming, especially for newbies. Inbound marketing may have changed some, but most of it has stayed the same. Since inbound marketing keeps changing, it’s your job to keep up with it.

Just try one method to see how it works for you. Start guest blogging to grow your traffic and get your business in front of relevant buyers. As a last measure, focus on generating leads without scaring off potential leads. Check out Winn Technology Group for more information on inbound marketing and for ideas on how to generate traffic back to your website.