3 Enterprise Marketing Strategies Worth Trying

Customers today have increasingly shorter attention spans, and you have to find a way to stand out with your message if you want to get them to listen to you. This generation is constantly interconnected and is looking for quick satisfaction. One study by Microsoft found that the human attention span dropped to 8 seconds and shrunk by nearly 25% in a few years. The challenge is even greater for enterprise marketers who might be trying to expand their audience past their core base.

Enterprise marketing strategy

Let’s take a look at some enterprise marketing strategies that you should consider trying.

Personalize Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing is about attracting customers to you without actively selling to them. Using your brand voice, you can create content with your lead in mind. This is usually informational content or pure entertainment. The main goal is to get them to click and give your product or services a closer look.

Inbound marketing is perfect for enterprise marketing. Since you don’t have to actively pursue customers, this strategy is easily scalable. Those who know who their ideal customer is can also create content tailor-made for them which will pique their curiosity. This will push them to interact with your brand and engage it by looking for more content.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is another enterprise marketing method that can be easily scaled. If you’re using a robust CRM system and do a great job at capturing leads and their contact information, you could have a large database of potential customers that you could mobilize when you want.

Enterprise text message marketing software like Tatango allows you to reach thousands of customers in seconds with a rich copy delivered through a highly visible channel. Most people will not think twice about opening a text message they receive, which is why SMS marketing campaigns have such high open rates. And, if you manage to constantly send enticing offers, your clients will begin to look for these messages and respond accordingly.

Using CRM for lead scoring

Use Lead Scoring

You have to concentrate your efforts on the right leads when it comes to enterprise marketing. Lead scoring is a tool marketers use to know at which point someone is in the sales funnel. They can use a CRM system to rank leads and know which ones might need a little more attention.

If you’re trying to nurture a lead relationship, we would suggest that you look at automation tools that will rank leads for you. This could save your team a lot of time and give you more clarity.

Lead scoring allows you to know who is window shopping and who’s likely to be a big spender. It also allows you to break down scores by demographic, which should give you a better idea of who you should concentrate more of your efforts on.

So, if you were trying to build an enterprise marketing strategy, look at all these options. Look for solutions that are scalable and that will help you further identify your target market.